Bunnify Rabbit Bonding Service

If you are looking for rabbit bonding service, you are at the right place. If you are not free to look after your rabbits or going for holiday, you may wish to look for rabbit boarding service. Click here for Rabbit Boarding Service information.

You love your bunnies so much, but sometimes you need some help with bonding when you can't do it yourselves! Rabbit's are a lot more than just their fuzzy ears and fluffy bodies... If rabbits are going to live together, they need to get along!

When we say "bonding", it's usually with our rabbits but sometimes it just doesn't work out like that...

Everybody knows that there is nothing more heartwarming and happy as a rabbit lover than to watch two or more rabbits groom each other and snuggling  together.

But however, as we all know that bonding rabbits is not always as straightforward as many people think. It can be a very stressful and unhappy experience for both rabbits and their owners!

It simply isn't a case of putting them in the same playpen, hoping that they will get on! Unfortunately it is so much more complicated! Bonding rabbits is not an easy job.

Often when rabbits are first introduced to each other they will show some form of aggression or dominance. With the right guidance and knowledge 98% of the time this can be turned around and end in a happy relationship. 

How Bunnify can help

Our premises can provide a neutral area which is able to carry out the bonding process for your rabbit. 

As your rabbits are not emotionally attached to us, or us to them, we are able to oversee the whole bonding process without intervening at the wrong times due to emotional attachment. We also believe this is much easier on the rabbits as they have no bond with us. Of course we will have their health and safety in mind at all times

Our bonding place and our staff are neutral to them so we can’t pass on any emotional feelings of distress or anxiety to them, thus resulting in a more positive atmosphere for them to bond.

Our success rate on bonding is high, but there is still not a 100% guarantee. Although we will never claim to be an ‘expert’ on rabbits as they are complex, mysterious and sometimes unpredictable creatures, we will do our very best and put in love and commitment to them . Your bunnies will be friends in no time if you engage our bonding service.

Some Of Our Successfully Bonded Cases Below:

Our bonding service.

Our bonding service need a minimum of 8 days for 2 rabbits at an additional of $3 Per Night Per Rabbit on top of boarding charges.

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